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PHP FPDF Use text wrapping in table with MultiCell Table

When we make a table in pdf using PHP FPDF library, basically we build it individually cell by cell. It is of course not as convenience as making a table using xml language such as HTML table. And the major drawbacks of using Cells is it's not able to wrap or break text as it overflow the defined cell width.


However, there is a method in FPDF library called MultiCell which allows us to make a Cell that wraps it's content, in short, it will break the text and make a new line when the text exceed it's width, thus multiplies it's height accordingly. But it doesn't works the same way with Cell, especially the positioning as the height varies according to it's content.

To make a table using MultiCell, we need to find out how much lines needed in a row as every cell in a row should have same height. And then we need to define where to put next cell, we can do this by calculating current cell position and offset it with it's dimension.

Don't want the math? FPDF MultiCell Table Class to the rescue.

FPDF Founder, Olivier Plathey have provided a FPDF extension class to make table from MultiCell named PDF_MC_Table. You can copy it from here :

To use it, change the main fpdf.php file path to your FPDF library directory.
//call main fpdf file
//create new class extending fpdf class
class PDF_MC_Table extends FPDF {

Then in your script, include the pdf_mc_table.php file, not fpdf.php file.

//include pdf_mc_table.php, not fpdf17/fpdf.php

Next, create a new object from PDF_MC_Table Class.

//make new object
$pdf = new PDF_MC_Table();

From this point onward, you can use $pdf to build your pdf structure as usual. It doesn't change any functionaly of FPDF but instead it does add new ones.

Build the pdf table with MultiCell.

Like usual, you can add pages, use cell to build your content, and finally call Output() to render your pdf. Please read Generate Printable Invoice in PHP using FPDF library for more information.
And when it comes to make a multicell table, you need to:
  1. Set Font

    This is important to calculate length of the text.
    //add page, set font
  2. Define the columns width.

    The column width is defined in array manner using SetWidths() method. The number of element should match the number of column.
    //set width for each column (6 columns)
  3. Set the line height.

    Use SetLineHeight() to define line height. This height will be used globally in our table. What we need to define here is height of line, not the row height. For example, if we define the line height to 5, and the cell with greatest line number in a row require 3 lines, then the height of the entire row will be 5 * 3 = 15.
    //set line height. This is the height of each lines, not rows.
  4. Set the columns alignment (optional).

    This is optional. The default alginment of the cell is Left. You can define column alignment using SetAligns() method in array manner, with 'L' or empty string for Left (default), 'R' for Right, 'C' for Center, 'J' for justified. Also note that even if you only want to change only one column, you need to define all of them because number of array elements should match the number of columns.
    For example, when we want to make second column right aligned and third column centered, we use:
    //set alignment
  5. Make the table header with standard Cell.

    To make it look like a proper table, add a table heading using standard cell with same number of columns and same widths for each cell respectively. Make the font bold if you like, or change the fill color to distinct it from table body. In this example, i will only make it bold.
    //add table heading using standard cells
    //set font to bold
    $pdf->Cell(40,5,"First Name",1,0);
    $pdf->Cell(40,5,"Last Name",1,0);
    //add a new line
    //reset font
    Add a new line after that and do not forget to change the font back to normal.
  6. Write each row with Row() method.

    Then write the data row by row with Row() method also in array manners. The class will take care of the math.
    //loop the data
    foreach($data as $item){
     //write data using Row() method containing array of values.
That's it. And don't forget to call $pdf->Output(); method to see the result.

And always keep in mind to never output anything in your script, so no empty line before "<?php", no echo, var_dump(), print() whatsoever. Even an error report or php warning will break your pdf file thus make it a corrupted pdf.

Except when you want to debug your code, you can freely output anything but comment out $pdf->Output(); line to prevent pdf render.

Known limitations.

However, as far as i know, there are some limitation in this method which is:
  1. Borders.
    Because the border is drawn using Rect() behind the scene, you may need some tweaking if you wish to change its style, color or size.

Further explanation and tutorial video.

For further explanation on how this class works behind the scene, please watch my tutorial video on youtube here :
Also check out my PHP PDF Video Tutorial playlist here:


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    The undergraduate and graduate programmes of Thiruvalluvar University were offered offline from December 8, 2022, to January 7, 2023, at various testing locations. According to our trustworthy sources, the assessment procedure is virtually over, and Thiruvalluvar University Result 2023 will be formally issued very soon. Candidates who take the test can use the Hall Ticket number to access the link to the result check.

    The second or third week of May 2023 might see the release of the Kerala Plus One Result 2023. Students who participated in the +1 Exam, which was held from March 10 to March 30, 2023, are awaiting the results’ publication date. Students who participated in the 11th Class test are notified that a direct link to see the DHSE Kerala +1 Result 2023 is accessible below as soon as it becomes available at

  46. The TS SSC Results 2023 will most likely be made public by BSE Telangana on May 21st, 2023 at 11:00 am, or earlier because the review procedure is anticipated to take four weeks. Applicants who took the Secondary School Certificate test should be aware that the BSE Telangana SSC Results 2023 will be published at, and that a direct link to download and verify the results will be made accessible here as soon as it is made public.

    The Class IX Examination, which lasted for three hours and fifteen minutes, was held on April 11 and 12, 2023, for students enrolled in various government schools in Jharkhand. Almost 5 lakh students took the exam, and they should all be aware that the JAC Class 9 Result 2023 will only be made available on the Jharkhand Academic Council’s results website at

    Many candidates participated in the exam and are now eagerly awaiting the release of the hall ticket. Candidates should be aware that as soon as the AEEE Hall Ticket 2023 is officially released. The Amrita Engineering Entrance Exam will be conducted by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in the Computer Based Test mode.

    If you are one of the thousands of applicants who took the entrance exam to enroll in the Services Preparatory Institute, Aurangabad, Maharashtra and want to join the Defense Service as an officer, you should know that as soon as the SPI Aurangabad Result 2023 is made public, we will activate a direct link for downloading the merit list and check the results that show who has been selected for an interview.

    A total of 5 lakh pupils enrolled in Andhra Pradesh’s different government schools took part in the secondary school certificate test, which was held from March 3 to March 18, 2023. The Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has not yet formally announced when they would disclose the AP SSC Exam Results, however, it is anticipated that this will happen in the last week of May 2023. This is because the assessment procedure is anticipated to take 5 to 6 weeks.

    For admission to the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) programme at various institutions and universities throughout the state, the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, administers the MAH BEd CET, a state-level entrance test. The MAH BEd CET Admit Card is a vital document that applicants must bring to the testing facility as identification and authorization to sit for the exam.

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