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How to fix MS office crash in wine caused by my network places

On some occasions users of MS Office in wine get annoyed because Ms Office crash or not responding when they're about to save their works, resulting in loss of all the works. And mostly it caused by accidentally click "my network places" location in save dialog.

And it's very annoying because the whole work that is already done is lost because it could not be saved. We may be able to recover it. but still, it's annoying.

When in windows, that won't be a problem. But in wine, because basically we are not running the windows operating system so that the path to my network places leads to nowhere, causing infinite loading when you access it.

The only way (IMHO) to fix the problem is to not display that problematic button at all in order to avoid "accidental click".

How to hide my network places icon in MS Office save dialog

  1. The first step is to open the registry editor, do I run the winetrick application.

  2. Then select the menu "select the default wineprefix".

  3. Choose "run regedit".

  4. After the registry editor, go to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common\Open Find\Places\StandardPlacesNote: The colored green may be different, depending on the version of office that you have. just select the number of the most high.

  5. Then on each key that exists in the StandardPlaces, change the DWORD registry value of "Show" to 0 by right click on the registry in the right pane, and then select modify, change the Value to 0, and then OK. (If there are any registry named "View", change also the value to 0).

    If no registry DWORD named "Show", please create your own way right dipanel right click and select New DWORD Value >, then give the name of the "Show" without the quotation marks and then enter. By default its Value is 0.

  6. Repeat step 5 and 6 for key Recent, Publishing, My Computer and Desktop

  7. Make sure it is correct, and then exit the registry.

  8. Please try opening the application MS Office again, and then open the file. It should be in the left panel there is no my network places.

This concludes the short tutorials of how to fix MS office crash in wine caused by my network places.

Hope it could help anyone facing the same problem.


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