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Install and configure compiz in xfce4 ubuntu/xubuntu

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XFCE4 is one of the many desktop environment to linux operating system. The advantages of desktop environment this is can be customized easily and quite mild when compared with another famous environment desktops such as gnome and kde.

Xfce itself has a window manager and compositing desktop default IE xfwm, which often causes the user xfce quickly bored because the feature that it-that's it. It would be nice if the default xfce xfwm replaced by compiz that has a variety of exciting features and capabilities.

I will discuss about how to install and configuring compiz to replace xfwm in xfce. Before switching to compiz, make sure in advance that your hardware, especially graphics hardware, capable to run compiz.

Installing Compiz and its dependency

Make sure your pc already installed ubuntu with xfce desktop environment and can run smoothly without problems.

The first step that is install compiz, compiz-plugins, ccsm and metacity

[code]<code class="plain plain">sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins compizconfig-settings-manager metacity</code>[/code]

After installation is complete, we need to enable some plugin of compiz in order to be able to run correctly. Open ccsm (compiz config settings manager) through the launcher or via the terminal with the command "ccsm" as a normal user (not root).

Click "OK" If the notification box appears.

  • Then turn on (check mark beside) the following plugins:

  • Composite

  • Gnome Compatibility

  • OpenGL

  • Window Decoration

  • Move Window

  • Resize Window

  • Place Windows

Please activate the plugin-other plugins that you like for example a desktop cube or animation. But do not enable the "Unity".

Once done, run the following command to try compiz:

[code]compiz --replace ccp[/code]


If there is no problem or error, so your desktop will appear as expected. Xfce you walk using compiz, you can try to enable-disable other plugins imaginable on the compiz config settings manager to see the results.

Currently you are using compiz, but after a restart or a terminal window running yg compis in close, xfce will re-use the xfwm. To change it, go to the settings manager through the launcher, Session and Startup, on the tab "Application autostart", click "Add" button, and add the following commands in the command column:

[code]compiz --replace[/code]

Then restart your pc.

If at any time you do not want to use compiz or compiz suddenly troubled, you can re-use the xfwm by downloading disable compiz entry that you created earlier in the session and startup.

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